Thursday, August 25, 2011


Water is an odd thing for me. To say that I'm afraid of water might be too simple. More specifically I'm afraid of submerged objects though sometimes the water is enough to cause a reaction. It's not as though I can't go outside on a rainy day or have a relaxing time by a lake (which I just spent a week doing). It's just when entering the water or seeing something under it that I become a bit apprehensive. This fear is something I think I'd like to explore further in future films.

Putting aside my apprehension I still find the image of water fascinating. I was looking for a reason to try using a GoPro camera and it seemed a good way to test it would be in a situation that I wouldn't want to put a 'normal" camera in.

I've always liked the way water was depicted in Gattaca, one of my favorite films. Greenish-black, threatening and yet somehow peaceful. Though originally I'd set out for a much different tone, I ended up channelling Gattaca pretty hard on this one. An alternate name for this post I considered was "Aquattaca".

If I went too far on the color-grading then, well good. That was what I wanted. Too often I hold myself back on a certain look because it seems to draw too much attention to itself. While that can have some merit on a narrative film, a film like this which consists entirely of images and music, I think can go a lot farther with it's look.

Despite my horrible sunburn, I'd say I definitely enjoyed my aquatic shooting experience. Any doubts I had about the GoPro have been washed out to sea ;-). It is a fantastic camera and I plan to test it's mettle, putting it in dangerous situations very soon.
Fuck you, Poseidon.

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